"Inhabited woman " is a photographic project of 2013.

There is a moment, a precise moment in time, marked by the dark sound of our imagination, in which the world suddenly becomes flat, where everything is sharp and cold, in which we feel alone. This happens because hopes and enthusiasm are stimuli, they are like drugs, and when they disappear they leave behind a burden of despair, which squeezes our throat with both hands.

The trauma of women suffering from post-traumatic disorders takes the form of the void they have inside, just like water does with the glass that contains it. It fills every space left in memory, takes care of memories and triggers every emotion, one after the other, in their most intense and violent form. Only your ego knows how important is make a dream come true, only the ego hidden within us knows how rewarding is find a beginning in millions of words.

Inhabited woman is a photographic project that invites you to enter her world and see the reality filtered through perspective.

Scenes are a mystical reality, whose ancestral words emerge from bare skin like scars in a state of calm and apparent peace, recalling traumatic events of violence, and describing ghosts that have always accompanied their lives.

I try to plumb the life and the past. In this work I would like to convey a poetic vision of women forgetting at least for a moment the chaos, the haste, the cynicism that cloud contemporary society.

These photos are intimate and created by a vision suspended between reality and imagination, to generate a painting that represents a scenic form of oneself that can mirror the soul.

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