I do not want to desappear


The project “I do not want to desappear” aims to recovery the meaning of the words “Ghost” meant as apparition, a supernatural presence that shows itself through nature. A flutter, a sky full of stars, a flap, the wind between wildflowers. The artist still works on diptychs and female figures, as she has done in her latest projects, following the idea of comparing different elements, in this specific one nature and soul, the spirit of dead women: blurry images reveal their stories, hidden in the cosmos, that the audience is invited to guess.


Awards Winner:

                Moscow International AwardsParis Photo 2020IPA International Photography Awards 2020Bifa Awards 2020Bifa Awards 2020Fapa Awards 2021    





Hair Stylist & Mua: Antonio Porcelli
Models: Giulia, Anna
Text: Ilaria Di Puccio



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