Education Is Good For All

Education Is Good For All

All the goods coming from the church were transformed into state property, charity and public utility. Elisa founded elementary education schools in every village in the surrounding countryside and a girls' charitable school organisation in Lucca. For male education she supplied a staff of excellence in literary, scientific, fine arts and foreign languages. Students from all over Europe and America came to attend the school. The University was established including the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

In the left photo

Elisa is depicted as the goddess of fortune, semi-recumbent. This painting is inspired by the medal created by the citizens of Lucca and on the occasion of the opening of the trade route between Lucca and Pisa.

In the right photo

The spiral is a symbol of development, representing individual growth. In this case we see two spirals converging in the centre, where the letter of the Greek alphabet indicates the philosophical disciplines.
On the outside, we see part of Napoleon's theorem. Great mathematical skills were attributed to Napoleon, including the discovery of the property expressed by the theorem that bears his name. 


09 August 2023


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