A public address. The backroom of a grocery store, the locker room of a barber. A secret bar. Another story: hidden, intimate, romantic, alcoholic, illegal, forbidden.

There are no rules except one: speakeasy, please! Small doors that hide big secrets. Glamor, allure and transgression. Tobacco. Smoke. Long beards. Handlebar mustache, braces and jiggers, boas, feathers, lightness. Red lacquered mouths and nails. Boast. Femininity and Androgyny. Luster, spangles. Glass that is colored with various mixtures corrected with poor alcohol. Molasses. Candles. Shadows. Offbeat. Eyes open. Mouths closed.

You step into another place, another time. But first, you have to answer the secret question.

That’s the hidden code of Nicoletta Cerasomma’s photography. You have to decode it to fully understand the story behind each image. Or you don’t have to. Just look, each pictures will transport you to another world made of secret places.