My project aim to dig the loneliness and difficulties of being in a relationship, mostly when the relationship is essentially at an endpoint. Like all my latest works, I investigate the dynamic of relationship from the woman point of view, through a deep paradoxical combination of objects, colors and settings, with the function of recalling, like a dream, the happiest days spent together. While the man is represented as distant and unconcerned, the woman suffers in silence in front of this failure: the hardest part for her is admitting that their love is over. The burden she bears, like a suitcase full of happy memories, prevents her to leave. She stays, hidden by a surface of normality, where everything appears vital, full of life, energy and joy. The staging I chose is made of real settings, such as the beach, the wood and also an urban contest. What the staging actually represents is the portrayal of her emotion, an escape from the truth: her love and passion are dead. She leads us through her memories, she wants to convince the observer nothing has changed. Effectively the only one she can convince is her man who, consciously and silently, pretends not to see. 

This project starts from a surrealistic staging, the wood and the beach, the shadows and the lights, everything seems stuck in a no time dimension. In the attempt of keeping things suspended, the woman finds her shelter in a dreamlike reality, where she leads herself on that her love is not over. This is not a debacle, it is the triumph of love: she needs time to take consciousness and process since the love she once had was real.


The wood, the beach, the urban landscape sometimes seem to be real but also very far from it due to the mind of the actress. She is a picture, the icon of game of her own imaginary; she is the subject her memories.

The light, the objects of pictures taken..they live in her inner universe; the concreteness of colors pull out a cosmos full of emotions. Just like a symbol, the story is the end of love.

Enter in a wood full of clear lights, close and timeless, close and far….she get your hand and get you in her full and dreaming life. Suitcase in her hand, backward… push us to observe her dramatic love, the feelings of empty and refusing. She seems the symbols of the dissolution of the bond, symbols of the fragility of promises, of hated hope.
She is a flower, a lover, in opposition to her lover that became evidence of no sense. Fight, cry, hold back someone that wants to take away everything far from her. The feeling of distance, deprivation, solitude, melancholy grown. She resumes an exotic dream and exotic hopes. She is worried actor, an impressive spectator of events that are carried outside of her willing. She will finally be a woman, despite of everything, she triumphs over herself. Even in the most extreme circumstance of prostration, denial of her identity, when the refuse seems to be the most realistic of events. She will never give up herself.

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