Tithe Muse


Teresa Bandettini was one of the most talented eclectic woman of the XIX century, born in Lucca in 1763.

She is well known as "the intellectual dancer" due to her captivating and touching extemporization performances. She was so talented that she became the first woman to be admitted to the Arcadia Academy with the name of Amarilli Etrusca.

The aim of this project is to give her the deserved place in Art and History and celebrate her creative genius: since she is almost unknown I decided to portrayed her through a series of diptychs inspired by Teresa Bandettini's feminine character and the deep  knowledge she could source to create her art.

Writing poetry meant revealing everything about herself, as a woman, an artist, a muse, but always embodying grace and enchantment. Her calling to art was strong and carnal. Her impetuous verses  took over her, exposing her naked soul to the response that was always favourable.

I invite the viewer to seek the mystery beyond the appearance, in the broken up image, in the place between real and surreal.



Hair Stylist & Mua: Antonio Porcelli
Models: Matilde